Head lice treatment is the process of eradicating an infestation of head lice and their nits. Often, children found with head lice and/or nits are prevented from returning to school until they get treatment and can be demonstrated to be louse- and nit-free. Most conventional head lice treatments consist of a combination of synthetic chemicals called pediculicides that have proven effective in killing head lice and a special fine metal-toothed comb that helps remove the head lice and their eggs.

Effective Head Lice Treatment Basics

Effective head lice treatment is of critical importance when dealing with a head lice infestation. Head lice have developed resistance to many products and chemicals, so to prevent reinfestation, here are some basic guidelines to ensure an effective treatment of your head lice.

  • Use An Effective Head Lice Treatment Product

  • Make sure that the treatment product you are using has been clinically proven to effectively kill treatment resistant head lice. Most over-the-counter head lice treatment products are effective against pyrethroid sensitive lice; however, lice treatment resistance has become very widespread. Even the toxic prescription-only chemicals often don’t work like they used to. Instead, buy our Lice Off emergency kit and make the treatment process that much easier.

  • Thoroughly Apply Head Lice Treatment To All Areas

  • Don’t miss any spots! Head lice are very good at hiding and will hide in eyebrows, sideburns, around the ear, on the neck, and at the base of the scalp. Make sure to apply product along entire length of hair, and don’t miss any single area.

  • Allow Head Lice Treatment Enough Time To Effectively Work

  • Our customers over the last twelve years have reported the essential oil combination in Lice Off is very effective in treating active louse infestations. However, for best results allow product to sit in hair for 10-20 minutes before combing and washing out.

  • Comb Out Nits Thoroughly

  • The most effective nit combs have metal teeth like the TermiNITor® comb we include in our Emergency Kit. Using a two-in-one shampoo/conditioner allows for easier removal of the nits and can be easily washed out after treatment. Nits (louse eggs) typically hatch in about 7 days. The nits are tiny and easily missed, so be extra thorough during this step.

  • Treat Once More In 7-10 Days

  • Failure to follow this step will likely result in reinfestation. No currently available lice treatment product has been shown to be 100% effective against the eggs. The second treatment is necessary to kill any lice that have recently hatched.  Catching them at this stage will prevent them from laying more eggs and perpetuating the cycle.

  • Administer Head Lice Treatment To Entire Family

  • Head lice can transfer quite easily from person to person via direct contact of hair. It is critical to treat the entire family to ensure that nobody is still infested or carrying lice.

  • Focus Treatment On Heads, Not Carpets and Furniture

  • There is currently a widely believed misnomer that lice treatment demands an extensive “spring cleaning” of the home. Head lice cannot survive off of a head without access to a blood meal for more than a few hours. Isolate items that may have had contact with hair, wash and dry clothes with warm or hot settings, and get back to focusing on the scalp.

  • Use A Preventative

  • Add Lice Off Concentrate to your favorite shampoo and conditioner and use regularly to prevent reinfestation.

“We have been using Lice Off for several years, a few drops for each shampoo. In all the time we have used your product, my daughter has not had a lice problem. During one inspection my daughter was the only child in her class without head lice and was able to remain in school.” —Patricia H., St Augustine, FL