How to Cure a Lice Infestation

There are currently many products on the market that claim they can cure a lice infestation. There are also a lot of myths surrounding effective and alternative head lice treatments. It has become increasingly difficult to cure lice infestations worldwide because head lice have developed resistance to the most common over-the-counter (OTC) treatments containing synergized pyrethroids (eg. permethrin and piperonyl butoxide). Cases have been reported where nearly 25% of the head lice treated with synergized pyrethroids survived two consecutive treatments. Lice possess the ability to put their body in a period of stasis and appear dead for several hours beforing resuming normal activity. Mythical treatments such as mayonnaise, petroleum jelly, kerosene (EXTREMELY DANGEROUS) can trigger this “stasis” period, and may appear initially to be effectively curing your lice infestation. But don’t let the lice fool you. Use a product that scientific evidence has proven to cure lice infestations even with treatment resistant lice.

Cure Lice Infestation With Essential Oils

Fortunately, Lice Off has been specially formulated with essential oils that have proven effectiveness against resistant lice. The essential oils used in Lice Off have been clinically proven to safely and effectively cure lice infestation and prevent future lice infestation. Stubborn head lice with resistance to the conventional pediculicides such as permethrin, lindane, malathion, and other chemicals have been shown to be rendered completely powerless against our essential oils. Don’t wait until you get head lice. Buy Lice Off concentrate or emergency kit now! It’s easy to use as a preventative measure and can even be put in your favorite shampoo!.